Nyang nyang Beach

nyang nyang beach

Nyang Nyang Beach is one of the hidden beaches in Bali, whose beauty is not inferior to other beaches.  The stretch of white sand and high blue waves with a calm atmosphere are the main attractions of this beach. Even though it is a hidden beach, there are lots of facilities and exciting activities you … Read more

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

garuda wisnu kencana

GWK, or Garuda Wisnu Kencana, has a long story and is one of the most phenomenal statues in Bali.  The height of this statue reaches 121 meters and weighs 3000 tons, beating the Statue of Liberty in America. This statue is also the third tallest statue in the world and is the tallest statue in … Read more

Batur Lake

batur lake kintamani

Batur Lake is a volcanic lake that is 1031 meters above sea level. It is on Mount Batur. The area of ​​this lake is about 15.9 square kilometers, with a depth of approximately 88 meters. Batur Lake has been named the largest lake in Bali because of its size. This lake is also known as Lake Kintamani. … Read more

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is undoubtedly no stranger to most tourists who vacation in Bali. The uniqueness of this beach makes Lovina beach the most popular tourist spot in North Bali. You can see dolphins swimming and jumping in the water off the coast of Lovina, which is a very cool thing to do.  This attraction is what … Read more

Melasti Beach

melasti beach badung

Melasti Beach is a new beach that can be an alternative destination for you to visit in Bali.  At first glance, the beauty of this beach is similar to Pandawa Beach because it is hidden behind a limestone cliff. But if you look closely, Melasti Beach has a different charm of beauty that makes it … Read more

Taman Ujung

ujung park tourism

If you are looking for an interesting place to take pictures that is also very instagramable, Taman Ujung in Karangasem, Bali can be the right choice.  The park is a water palace heritage of the Karangasem kingdom which is now a popular tourist destination in East Bali. The unique architecture of the building and the beautiful gardens … Read more

Elephant Cave

Elephant Cave Bali

Cave Gajah in Ubud and Gianyar, Bali, is one of the temples and a historical place for Hindus. This temple has been used as a place of worship since the time of the old Balinese kingdom. Many tourists are interested in visiting this tourist spot because of its unique architecture. Also, the historical information at … Read more

Tirta Empul Temple

tirta empul temple destination

Tirta Empul is the name of one of the temples and holy waters in Bali, precisely in the Tampak Siring sub-district. It is believed that the holy water of Tirta Empul Temple will not dry out even in the dry months, so it is often used for purification ceremonies. The existence of a pool in … Read more

Tirta Gangga

exploring garden Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga is one of Bali’s cultural heritage sites and has captivating beauty. This historic site is a relic of the Karangasem Kingdom. It has now turned into a popular tourist spot in Karangasem. Many tourists, especially foreign tourists, throng the Tirta Gangga area, once used as a royal bath. The unique architecture of the … Read more

Bali Museum

bali museum

When you are in Denpasar City, you might also want to check out the Bali Museum. This place has become one of the tourist attractions in Denpasar, and it is highly recommended to fill your vacation with family. You can find various historical collections from Bali, from the stone age to the modern. Studying while … Read more