Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari Marine Park (BSMP) is one of 4 safari parks in Indonesia. The attractions and animal collections here are not inferior to the Bogor Safari Park or Prigen Safari Park.

Gianyar tourist attractions, also known as Safari Bali, offer an adventurous experience in the wild. What’s in this Bali Safari? Just take a look at the full review below.

Bali Safari & Marine Park at a Glance

Bali Safari and Marine Park were first opened to the public in 2007. This park is located in an area of ​​approximately 40 hectares. 

The area is included in the territory of three villages in the Gianyar district.

Overall, the animals collected from the Bali Safari Park are the types of animals that occupy the territory of Indonesia, India, and Africa. 

Bali Safari is also a conservation area for endangered animals from Indonesia and neighboring countries.

For now, the Marine Park area is still in the process of being built and being developed to be completed. 

But in the future, Bali Safari and Marine Park will be the largest theme park in Bali with the concept of animal education.

Bali Safari Marine Park Attractions

To invite tourists to visit, the Bali Safari manager has prepared many interesting attractions and facilities in the safari park. Here are some of the Bali Safari attractions that you must try

Safari Journey


This Safari Journey is the main attraction of Bali Safari, which is a pity to miss. The manager will invite you to go around using a special bus and look closely at the animals that pass by.

The animals on this safari trail are not in cages, so that they can roam freely around you. 

You can see zebras, giraffes, hippos, tigers, and 56 species of animals from inside the bus walking their replica habitats.

This journey starts from Toraja Terminal and then passes through various zones and animals to arrive at the Elephant Museum. 

This safari takes place quite quickly, which is about 30 minutes. Even so, you will still feel the exciting sensation of adventure.

During the trip, you will be accompanied by a guide explaining various things about the animals you meet. While taking pictures, you can learn more about Bali Safari’s animals.

Animal Education Show


In this show, you will see the funny behavior and attractions of the animals with Bali Safari officials on stage. 

Animals such as orangutans, guinea pigs, birds, and rabbits will act to show their skills.

This attraction is held on the Hanoman Stage and features animal shows and educational values. 

This learning is included in the story, which becomes a moral message for the audience to protect nature.

In addition to the Hanoman Stage, you can also witness various other animal attractions in several places. 

Furthermore, there are elephant, tiger, crocodile, and piranha attractions that you can choose to watch in this Bali Safari area.

Bali Agung Performance


On one side of the Bali, Safari area is a large building where the Bali Agung dance performance is performed. 

This dance tells about the king of Bali in the 12th century, King Jayapangus, who married a Chinese woman, Kang Chi Wei.

Usually, this performance is performed by 150 dancers and musicians, plus several animals, such as elephants and birds, that also appear. 

The right costumes, sounds, and lights make every audience feel like they are entering the story.

This building can accommodate about 1200 visitors with air conditioning facilities and adequate chairs. 

While watching the show, you will learn a lot about Balinese culture from a different perspective.

Elephant Back Safari

Bali Safari and Marine Park

This attraction is not only liked by children but also by adults. When else try to ride an elephant around the Bali Safari area?

This elephant ride is at the end of your Safari Journey by bus. Around the place, there are also other elephant attractions and also an elephant museum that you can visit.

Night Safari


Unlike other safari parks, in Bali Safari, you can feel the sensation of adventure at night. You will be invited to tour the tiger zone in a Caged Tram or an iron cage car.

At the top of the cage, raw meat will be tied so that the tigers will climb into the car when it stops. 

Seeing these wild animals up close will spur your adrenaline and be the most exciting experience you can experience.

Besides seeing tigers, you can also directly feed animals such as giraffes and elephants. Usually, this safari starts after 18.00 WITA with a tour duration of about 2 hours.

Petting Zoo

Besides seeing the adult animals, you can also interact directly with the baby animals at the Petting Zoo. 

You can take pictures with baby orangutans, tigers, chimpanzees, and several other animals at this location.

Children can also feed directly to tame animals such as goats and rabbits. Here you can teach and introduce children to animals directly.

Funzone Waterpark

To complete the tour package to Bali Safar, this place also provides a playground called Funzone. 

In Funzone, you can play a lot of interesting rides such as roller coasters, carousels, and others.

In addition, you can also enjoy the freshness of playing water at the Bali Safari Waterpark, which is not far from Funzone. 

You can try various sizes of water boom in this place, besides the clear water can refresh the hot weather.

Bali Safari Marine Park Entrance Ticket Prices

To be able to enter the Bali Safari area, there are several types of tickets that you can choose from. Usually, this type of ticket is distinguished by the type of game.

For more details, see the following table:

Local travelers

Safari Explorer + LunchRp200.000,00
Safari ExplorerRp150.000,00
Kids Safari ExplorerRp120.000,00
Night SafariRp450.000,00

Foreign Tourist

Jungle Hopper PackageIDR 560,000.00
Dragon Package + LunchRp285.000,00
Night SafariRp750.000,00
Rhino PackageRp1.470.000,00
Rhino 4×4Rp2.100.000,00
Motorcycle Parking OnlyRp2,000,00

The prices listed in the table change depending on the manager’s policy. Even so, you can make this list preparation and estimate before visiting Bali Safari.

Tickets in the child category are valid from 3 to 12 years old. If visitors over 12 years old have to pay an adult ticket fee in general,

You can purchase this ticket online through the official website of the Bali Safari Marine Park. That way, you don’t have to queue for your turn to buy tickets.

Location and Route to Bali Safari

Bali Safari is located at the following address, namely Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra 19.8, Serongga, Kec. Gianyar, Gianyar Regency. 

The distance is about 23 km from the center of Denpasar City, with a travel time of approximately 30 minutes. 

You can use Bali car rental services from tour agents who are there if you want to visit this tourist spot.

The location is easy for you to access because it is on the edge of the protocol road. You can choose to use public transportation or private vehicles.

But most tourists take advantage of Bali holiday packages from the Travel Bureau to visit Bali Safari. 

With this package, you can just sit back and enjoy your trips and vacations that have been arranged in a series of agendas.

The manager has also provided a shuttle service to pick up visitors who have ordered tickets. So that visitors don’t have to worry about arranging routes to arrive at Bali Safari

Bali Safari & Marine Park Operating Hours

Tourists who want to visit Bali Safari can come between 09.00 WITA to 17.30 WITA. To experience the perfect vacation, you should book your entrance ticket at least one day in advance.

This is intended so that the manager can measure the capacity of incoming visitors and prepare everything properly. 

Also, try to come during the dry season so that your trip is not disturbed by the rain that falls. Most animals will take shelter and hide during the rainy season, so it isn’t easy to see. 

In addition, try to come according to the schedule of the attractions you want to see, such as dances, animal attractions, and others.

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