22 Unique Balinese souvenirs

The excitement of traveling to Bali will be even more complete if you buy Balinese souvenirs to take home. There are numerous Balinese souvenirs, ranging from Balinese snacks to handicrafts.

Around Kuta Beach and other popular tourist spots in Bali, it’s easy to find Balinese souvenirs for sale. 

You can also get these gifts with the help of tour packages to Bali offered by travel agents who are ready to deliver.

One of the Bali souvenir centers you must visit is Krisna Bali, which sells various Balinese souvenirs. Here are 22 halal souvenirs from Bali that you should buy before you leave:

List of Famous Balinese Souvenirs

Milk Pie

Milk Pie

Milk Pie has become one of the typical Balinese snacks, well known for its sweet and crunchy taste. 

The shape is a thin round with a crusty edge, and the center of the pie is usually filled with sweet, creamy milk.

The flavors available also vary, from the original flavors to toppings like cheese, raisins, almonds, and chocolate chips.

You can choose from several famous Balinese pie brands, such as Pie Susu Dhian and Pie Susu Enaaak.

One box of Balinese milk pie is usually sold for around IDR 25,000.00 per box with ten pieces. 

Because of this famous Balinese souvenir, you have to be willing to queue long enough to get one package.

Balinese Kebaya

Balinese Kebaya

In addition to food, Kebaya Bali is also suitable for you to make as a souvenir after spending time on vacation in Bali. 

The typical kebaya model with floral ornaments and embroidery on every part of the kebaya makes anyone who wears it look beautiful.

Balinese kebayas come in various colors and styles, from plain white to modern, light-colored kebayas. 

Even now, many Balinese hijab kebayas are for Muslim tourists who also want to look elegant using Balinese kebayas.

You can get a set of this Balinese kebaya at a Balinese souvenir center such as Krisna Bali or a Balinese fabric shop. 

The price also varies depending on the model or size of the fabric used to make the kebaya.

Koro Beans

Koro Beans

Bali Koro Nuts are one of the types of nuts that you can find in Bali and many tourists like their processed products. 

Almost all Balinese souvenir shops sell koro beans in various flavors, such as salty, spicy, or barbeque.

Koro beans from Bali are slightly different from koro beans in general, which are still skinned and brown. 

The shape of this Koro Bean is thinner and has a golden yellow color with a savory and crunchy taste.

This type of nut is perfect to be your dining companion on the go or while relaxing and enjoying a drink. Depending on the size, one pack is sold at a low price, from IDR 10,000 to IDR 25,000.

Pia Legong

Pia Legong

Bakpia can not only be found in Jogja; the Island of the Gods also has a variant of bakpia that is no less delicious, namely Pia Legong. 

Pia Legong itself has been around since 2006 and is a tourist favorite because this traditional snack is packaged in a modern way.

You can choose from three flavors: green beans, chocolate, and cheese, which last 1 to 2 weeks. 

The hallmark of Pia Legong Bali lies in its large size, which is produced daily in limited quantities.

To get a box of 8 pieces of Pia Legong, you must be prepared to queue and can only buy a maximum of two packages. 

So that you don’t run out, you can ask a driver from Bali car rental to order in advance before purchasing. 

The price of Pia Legong itself is around 300 diverse per box with eight pieces. If you want to order this Balinese snack in large quantities, you should order it at Pia Eiji Shop.

Balinese Mask

Balinese Mask

Bali is also famous for its unique and exciting carvings, such as the Balinese mask. 

The distinctive and colorful shape of the Balinese show makes it one of the Balinese souvenirs tourists always look for.

Barong masks and Leak Seram masks are types of Balinese masks that are in great demand by tourists. 

You can get these Balinese masks at several Balinese art markets, such as the Sukawati Art Market or the Kumbasari Art Market.

Several carving art galleries in Mas Village, Bali, also offer Balinese mask carving courses, the results of which you can take home. 

This Balinese mask can be a unique Balinese souvenir you can get while on vacation in Bali.

Udeng Bali

Udeng Bali

As a partner to the Balinese Kebaya worn by women, you can buy Udeng, commonly used by men in Bali. 

You can find Udeng or Balinese headbands in almost every tourist spot in Bali, including temples.

In contrast to Javanese Udeng, Balinese Udeng has a more striking color. Each color has its meaning. 

But now, Udeng Bali can be used anytime and by anyone, not only during certain ceremonies.

You can get Udeng Bali in traditional markets, Balinese souvenir centers, or directly at the artisans’ place in Sidemen Village.

The price of the Bali ticket is also still very affordable, starting from IDR 15,000.00 to IDR 50,000.00, depending on the type of motif.

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