Besakih Temple Denpasar

Besakih Temple is the largest temple on the island of Bali and is part of the Kahyangan Jagat Temple. This sacred building is often the center of Hindu religious ceremonies for the Balinese.

Besides being a religious place, Besakih Temple is famous as a unique tourist spot in Bali. Because of its beauty, this temple always has many visitors from inside and outside the country.

What are the attractions of this temple? Check out the full review of Pura Agung Besakih below.

A Brief History of Besakih Temple

Based on what has been written, it is thought that an Indian Hindu religious leader named Rsi Markandeya built the Besakih Temple in the 8th century. He also played a role in the development of Hinduism in Indonesia.

When he was first locked up on Mount Hyang, now called Mount Dieng, Rsi Markandeya had a vision. The revelation ordered Rsi Markandeya to open the forest on Dawa Island, the name of the island of Bali at that time.

The name Dawa Island was given because the island of Bali looks fused and extends to the Nusa Tenggara area from the island of Java. After arriving at Dawa Island, he and his followers cleared the forest at the foot of Mount Toh Langkir, another name for Mount Agung.

But unfortunately, many obstacles occurred, such as illness, followers who died suddenly, and others, so Rsi imprisoned Mount Raung. After meditating and getting instructions, Rsi went back to do the Yadnya ceremony and then went back to clearing the forest.

He piled the five metal elements, such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, and iron, into a jar with the main gem (Mirah Adi). The community around this pitcher or presentation is called Panca Datu.

This Panca Datu hoarding location later became where Besakih Temple was built. The name Besakih comes from the word Basuki, which means “Congratulations” in ancient Javanese and gradually changed to Besakih.

Attractions of Besakih Temple

At the height of about 1000 meters above sea level, Besakih Temple is at the base of Mount Agung. The area of this temple is more than 20 hectares. In the middle of Penataran Agung Temple, there are several complexes.

Because of this temple’s vast and magnificent building, many refer to this temple as The Mother of Bali Temple. There are many activities and sights that you can find when visiting Besakih Temple. The following is the attraction of Besakih Temple.

View of Mount Agung


The peak of Mount Agung in Bali is only about 7.5 kilometers from Besakih Temple. The splendor of the highest mountain in Bali can be seen clearly in the background of the temple.

It is impossible to divorce the location of this temple from the public’s faith in Mount Agung. People believe Mount Agung is the gods’ palace and Besakih Temple is the link for prayers to the gods.

The majestic Mount Agung can be seen directly behind the temple building when the weather is clear. This beauty is one of the attractions for tourists visiting the Besakih Temple area.

Surrounding the Temple Complex


It takes more time and effort to see every side of Besakih Temple and appreciate all of its beauty. This temple is made up of several different complexes. There are 22 public temples and 16 temples for Pedharman.

All existing public temples can be used as places of worship for anyone who wants to pray. While the Pedharman Temple is a special place of prayer according to the caste level.

Of all the complexes, Penataran Agung Temple is the center and the largest temple in the area. This temple has seven levels and statues of Lord Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva, the three most important gods.

In this temple area, you can still easily find stone-age relics such as stone thrones and menhirs. In addition, the architecture of the temple building has a philosophy with odd-tiered roofs 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11, which can symbolize prosperity.

This temple complex also has several munden linked by about 800 steps. Although it looks tiring, the beauty of the temple complex and the fresh air at the foot of the mountain will be an unforgettable experience.

Witnessing the Traditional Ceremony


Besakih Temple is still actively used by Balinese Hindus as a place of worship until now. Sometimes the ritual activities become the main attraction for tourists who want to visit.

The temple complex’s lively atmosphere is an interesting sight to watch. Many banners and offerings adorn every temple corner during the big ceremony.

You can see this traditional Hindu ceremony on important Hindu holidays or at regular ceremonies. Usually, this routine ritual takes place every month, year, or a decade, depending on the calendar.

Tourists who visit a place of worship need to be respectful, especially in how they dress. In addition, the temple area prohibits female menstruating visitors from entering.

Besakih Temple Entrance Ticket Prices

You have to pay a certain amount of money for an entrance ticket to be able to enter the Besakih Temple area. The rates are quite affordable, as are the existing facilities. For more details, see the following table:

Retribution Rates
Local travelers Rp40.000,00
Foreign Tourist Rp60.000,00
Motorcycle Parking Only Rp2,000,00
Car park Rp5.000,00

Prices listed are subject to change at any time, and there may still be costs that have not been listed. But you can make this list to prepare for a trip to the Besakih Temple.

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Location and Route to Besakih Temple


Besakih Temple is located in Karangasem Regency, precisely on Jl. Gunung Mas No.DS, Besakih, Rendang, Karangasem Regency. The city of Denpasar is about 54 kilometers away. If you rent a car in Bali, it will take about 90 minutes to get there.

You only need to depart from Denpasar City following Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra and arrive at the Takmung intersection. From this intersection, turn north past Jl. Raya Takmung to Jl. Raya Besakih.

Follow the road signs, and you can reach this temple safely. You can go to Besakih Temple using public transportation.

Look for a vehicle that goes to the Klungkung terminal. After that, take public transportation that goes directly to Besakih. Unfortunately, this public transportation only runs until 15:00 WITA, so it will be hard for you to get where you need to go.

The easiest way is to use a private or rented vehicle and get help from Google Maps to find the best route. You can also take advantage of Bali tour packages ready to take you directly to the location.

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Besakih Temple Operating Hours

For information, Besakih Temple is only open from 09.00 WITA to 17.00 WITA daily. Sometimes, this temple is closed to the public on certain days, such as Nyepi Day or Mount Agung eruption.

So that you can fully enjoy the beauty of Besakih Temple, you should come at the best time to visit. Usually, this time takes place in the morning or evening when the atmosphere of the temple is not too crowded and hot.

That’s a complete review of Besakih Temple which can be the next Karangasem tourist destination. Finally, happy holidays in Bali and see you next time.

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