Buyan Lake

Buleleng Bali has many natural charms that are very interesting for you to visit, one of which is Lake Buyan.

The lake at the foot of this mountain has a view that is no less beautiful than Bali tourist attractions such as Lake Beratan.

You can see for yourself how beautiful the lake is. Green mountains surround it, and the views are stunning.

You can also do various interesting activities freely around the huge area of ​​Buyan Lake.

Getting to Buyan Lake is easy if you use one of the many Bali tour packages that travel agencies offer.

But before visiting, let’s first look at some interesting information that you must know about the following Buyan Lake:

Overview of Lake Buyan

buyan lake tourism

Buyan Lake, Tamblingan Lake, and Beratan Lake were once giant calderas from Mount Lesung, which used to be one.

But after the eruption of Mount Lesung thousands of years ago the caldera split into two one of which is Lake Beratan.

Then, in 1818, a landslide divided the lake into two and formed this lake and Tamblingan.

This process resulted in the formation of Tamblingan Lake and Lake Twin Lakes.

Lake Buyan is the largest of the three lakes, with an area of ​​490 hectares and a depth of more than 87 meters.

This lake is also located at an altitude of about 1,350 meters above sea level. It has a tourist conservation area of ​​15,000 hectares.

Residents often use this abundant lake water as a water source, especially for irrigation needs of rice fields and plantations.

In addition to the beauty of the lake, the surrounding nature, such as a forest area that is still beautiful, is also one of the attractions of Lake Buyan.

You can still find long-tailed monkeys and other animals roaming around the lake’s trees.

The beauty of this lake can also be seen clearly from the side of the road, precisely Jl. Wanagiri or  Wanagiri Hidden Hill area.

There are many exciting activities and other interesting things you can do to enjoy the beauty of this lake.

Whatever you do, visiting this lake will be the best decision to spend your vacation time in Bali.

Exciting Activities at Lake Buyan

Buyan Lake has a lot of tourism potential, which is a pity to miss, especially for nature lovers.

Here are some exciting activities that you must try while visiting this lake:

Camping by the Lake

camping on buyan lake

The wide and shady shores of Lake Buyan can be the right place for you to set up a tent while enjoying the surrounding panorama.

This place is known as one of the best camping sites in Bali with its beautiful landscape.

You can camp in a few different places, like an open spot on the edge, near trees, or in the middle of the forest.

A lakeside area is a favorite place for many tourists because, inside the tent, you can see the view of Lake Buyan directly.

The quiet atmosphere of the lake at night makes it very suitable for those who want to calm down or be at one with nature.

Accompanied by the moon, the stars sprinkling in the sky, and the bonfire’s light, your night on this lake will be very memorable.

Trekking  Explore the Lake


The forest area in the mountainous area around Lake Buyan is also very interesting for you to explore.

The trees that are still shady and beautiful will make your trip less tiring.

While walking around, you can find forest-dwelling animals such as monkeys or birds that fly freely.

The sounds of birds chirping and the light breeze make it cool and relaxing, so you can take a break from your activities.

You can also ride a bike on the hiking trails already there, so you can do things like go downhill or ride slowly.

Exploring the area around Lake Buyan will be an exciting activity that can fill your camping time with friends.

Enjoying the Beauty of the Surroundings

Even if you don’t camp around Buyan Lake, you can still enjoy the beauty of the lake from various places, even from the side of the road.

If you pass Jl. Wanagiri towards Buleleng, you can see the vast and beautiful lake.

There are many places to relax, and you can choose to enjoy the charm of this lake from a height such as Wanagiri Hidden Hill.

The shady trees that grow around it become a playground for cute monkeys, as you can see immediately.

You can also see the beautiful panorama of the lake around the temple, which is spread on almost every bank of Lake Buyan.

One of the most famous temples here is Pura Ulun Danu Buyan, located on the lake’s north side.


fishing on buyan-lake-buleleng

In addition to irrigating rice fields and plantations, residents also use the water of Lake Buyan as a fish pond.

The water is clear and not polluted to be a suitable place for fish to grow and breed.

The fish in this lake are also quite diverse. Starting from tilapia, tilapia, or goldfish, whose size can be very large.

There are some of the best fishing spots if you want to get big fish, one of which is near Ulun Danu Temple.

Another spot is in the Pancasari area, precisely in Dasong Village, which is located on the south side of Lake Buyan.

If you can’t bring your fishing equipment, you can rent fishing equipment owned by residents.

Take Photos at Various Interesting Spots

view of buyan lake

The beauty of Lake Buyan is a pity if you miss it without taking pictures first of the interesting spots available.

One of the locations that you can choose is  Wanagiri Hidden Hill, which has direct views of the lake.

The “sky swing” photo spot, or the peak swing in that place, is a favorite for many tourists to take pictures.

While swinging above the cliff, you can see the fantastic view of this lake very clearly.

You can also get good photos from the lake’s edge, especially around the camping ground.

You can take pictures from a bridge or wooden platform overlooking the lake and the surrounding hills in this place.

Buyan Lake Entrance Fee

To enter the Buyan Lake area, you don’t need to spend much money because it is still very affordable.

With a few thousand rupiahs, you can be satisfied to enjoy the beauty of this lake and its surroundings.

Tourist Admission TicketRp10.000,00
Motorcycle Parking OnlyRp3.000,00
Car parkRp5.000,00

The prices listed in the table above may change at any time depending on the manager’s policy. However, consider this list and estimate the costs you need when visiting Buyan Lake.

Also, get the convenience of visiting various other tourist attractions in Bali using Tour Packages from the Travel Bureau.

This package can also make it easier for you to try multiple Balinese specialties or buy the Balinese souvenirs you want.

Location and Route To Lake Buyan

This lake is located in the Pancasari area, Buleleng, and you can access it via Jl. Raya Wanagiri, Wanagiri, Kec. Sukasada, Buleleng Regency.

The distance is about 20 km from Lovina Beach, with a travel time of approximately 39 minutes by driving.

To make it easier, you can use the help of navigation instructions from Google Maps, which will show you the best route to the location.

You can also use the services of a Bali car rental driver ready to take you to the place you want.

Lake Buyan Operating Hours

Buyan Lake does not have certain operating hours that limit your activities and visiting schedule.

So you can come anytime and enjoy the beauty of this lake for 24 hours, especially if you are camping.

But if you don’t want to go camping, it’s best to come during the day when the weather is sunny in summer.

That way, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake without having to be disturbed by rain or fog that often appears.

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