Batur Lake

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Batur Lake is a volcanic lake that is 1031 meters above sea level. It is on Mount Batur. The area of ​​this lake is about 15.9 square kilometers, with a depth of approximately 88 meters. Batur Lake has been named the largest lake in Bali because of its size. This lake is also known as Lake Kintamani. … Read more

12 Best Tourist Attraction in Kintamani Bali

kintamani tourism

If Kuta offers stunning beach panoramas, it is different from Kintamani tourist attractions. This district in Bangli Regency offers the natural charm of beautiful mountains. Each location is close to the other because the Kintamani area is not too wide. You can do various exciting activities, from climbing mountains and relaxing to hanging out in … Read more

The 140 Most Popular Bali Tourist Attractions


Bali’s tourist attractions are one of the favourite destinations in Indonesia. This is because the island has very diverse tours and makes you not stop to explore its beauty. If you are on vacation to the Island of the Gods in Bali, you will not run out of alternative places to travel, from beach tourism … Read more