Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach is one of the beaches in the Legian area, which is very popular among tourists. Its beauty is like that of Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, and Legian Beach, some of Bali’s most popular beaches.

Double Six Beach is the best place to enjoy the beauty of twilight compared to other tourist attractions in Bali. There are many interesting activities that you can do on the beach with this unique name, from morning to night.

Suppose you are interested in visiting Double Six Beach. In that case, you can use a Bali tour package from a trusted travel agency. But before that, consider first a brief review of the following Double Six Beach.

Double Six Beach Bali at a Glance


It turns out that there is a reason why this beach is named Double Six Beach. When it started, this beach was still a part of the less-famous Legian Beach neighborhood.

However, after constructing a discotheque called Double Six near the beach, tourists began to flock to visit this beach. Tourists began to know this location as Double Six Beach or Double Six Beach.

Until now, Double Six Beach has become one of the best places to enjoy the beach night atmosphere in Bali. There are many parties and other exciting activities on this beach from morning to night.

The attraction of Double Six Beach Bali

Still, on the same coastline as Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak beaches, the character of this beach is not much different. It’s just that this beach has a unique atmosphere and has become its attraction.

Here are some other things that make Double Six Beach Bali so attractive to tourists:

Double Six Beach Sunset Panorama


Just like Kuta Beach, Double Six Beach is the best spot to witness the beautiful panorama of Bali’s twilight. Since 16.00 WITA, this beach has been crowded with visitors who are always waiting for the sunset moment to take place.

Many umbrellas and colorful beanbags on the beach have become places for tourists to relax. In other facilities, there are a variety of foods and drinks that you can order directly from the merchants around you.

The moment the sun sinks on the horizon is a very amazing sight. The orange color of the evening sun reflects beautifully on the calm seawater of Double Six Beach.

Tourists never miss this opportunity to take pictures or just “hang out,” enjoying the atmosphere. This Double Six Beach Sunset is the end of a beautiful day.

Surfing on the Waves


Double Six Beach is a beach with waves that are quite high and big in Bali. Tourists often choose this beach to surf both locally and abroad.

The waves that are not too fierce are also very suitable as a place for beginner surfers to practice. Even so, that doesn’t mean expert surfers can’t enjoy the challenges of surfing at Double Six Beach.

The mid-ocean area of Double Six Beach often has very big waves and is good for professionals who want to get their blood pumping. Those who want to try also don’t need to worry because there are many surf schools around the beach area.

In addition, this surf school also rents out surfing equipment for those of you who want to surf without the hassle of carrying tools. Surfing at Double Six Beach can be an exciting new experience for you to do.

Playing Volley

Double Six Beach has soft sand and a wide sloping area compared to other beaches. Tourists often use this condition to play beach volleyball with groups.

Usually, in the morning, many tourists gather to play this one sport. You can directly plug in the net pole and play volleyball with friends without fear of disturbing other tourists.

If there are not enough people, don’t hesitate to invite other visitors to play together. Getting to know new people while playing is something that might change your life during the holidays.

Relax on the Beach


Enjoying the beach is indeed the coolest while relaxing on the soft sand. The manager has provided many umbrellas and beanbags for tourists to enjoy.

You can also bring your mat or mat if you want to sunbathe at Double Six Beach. While sunbathing, you can also enjoy traditional massages offered by residents for relaxation.

The feeling of being tired, worn out, and sore from the holidays will go away immediately, and the body will feel fresh. During the massage, you can interact and talk about various things with the local people who are masseurs.

You can learn many new things through this activity, such as the Balinese language and others. In addition to being fresh, relaxing at Double Six Beach can add to your insight into residents’ lives.

Partying Spend the Night


After you finish watching the beautiful sunset, it doesn’t mean Double Six Beach is deserted. Quite the opposite. You can still enjoy the beauty of the night at Double Six Beach in various ways.

There are numerous live music events at Double Six Beach. You can sing along with the colorful lights around the beach that illuminate the stage.

Enjoying dinner with loved ones is possible thanks to the restaurants and cafes around the beach. You can try a variety of delicious Balinese foods. At the same time, listening to Double Six Beach’s waves and beautiful night light feels very romantic.

Doing Other Fun Activities


Apart from doing these activities, you can still try other things, such as riding a horse around the beach. Residents on the beach rent these horses, and you can use them to walk around the beach area.

Those who like adrenaline and a challenge are highly recommended to try bungee jumping at one of the locations. The feeling of tension when plunging with legs tied from a height of 400 meters requires a lot of guts.

You can get all of these exciting activities by visiting Double Six Beach in Bali.

Double Six Bali Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

You do not need to pay for an entrance ticket to enter the Double Six Beach area. It’s just that some rides have to pay to play them. Here are the details:

Tourist Admission TicketFree
Surfboard RentalRp100.000,00
Massage ServiceRp75,000,00
Horse HireRp500.000,00
Bungee JumpingRp850.000,00
Rent Beanbags and UmbrellasRp25,000,00
Food and drinksStarting from IDR 5,000.00
Motorcycle Parking OnlyRp2,000,00
Car parkRp10.000,00

Prices listed in the table above may change at any time depending on the policies of each manager. However, you can use this list as a reference and preparation material before visiting Double Six Beach.

Choose a Bali tour package from the existing Travel Bureau for cheaper vacation costs. This package lets you see more of Bali’s tourist spots without worrying about where to stay. Of course, it is more economical.

Location and Route to Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach is located on Jl. Double Six, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency. The distance is only 4 km from Kuta beach, and it takes about 11 minutes by car.

The easiest way to get to Double Six Beach is by using a private or rented vehicle. Just use Google Maps directions. The best route to Double Six Beach is available.

Double Six Beach Operating Hours

You can enjoy Double Six Beach for 24 hours daily without a time limit. However, some of the existing facilities may only operate until certain hours.

The best time to visit Double Six Beach is usually from April to October during the summer. You can see the beauty of the beach very clearly without disturbing clouds.

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