Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach Bali is one of the beaches in Bali, which is quite famous.

The beauty of this beach is often compared with Kuta Beach, so many people call this beach the “New Kuta Beach.”

This beach is famous for its big waves and is often a favorite place for local and foreign tourists to surf.

Plus, the beauty of the beach panorama in the afternoon is always awaited by tourists while relaxing on the white sand.

You can see and feel for yourself the charm of this beach by visiting it using a tour package from the Travel Bureau.

But before that, first, consider the full review of the following, Dreamland Beach.

Overview of Dreamland Beach

dreamland beach bali

Naming this beach has its history, which is quite interesting.

Initially, the area around the coast will be developed to become the best tourist place in Southeast Asia.

Most people who work as farmers welcome the plan so they can switch professions to the tourism sector.

But unfortunately, the project stopped. This incident became the reason the beach was named “Dreamland” because it came from a lost dream.

Best Things to do at Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Bali Beach can also be interpreted as a “dream beach” for travelers because there are so many exciting things that you can get. Here are some of the things to do on Dreamland Beach.

Beach scenery

dreamland beach

This beach, surrounded by coral cliffs, has an amazing panorama. The presence of these cliffs is both a sight and a characteristic of Dreamland Beach.

On the sidelines of the cliffs, Bantays usually grow wild green plants so that the cliffs look more beautiful.

This area is never missed by the tourists who come because of its beautiful panorama.

From the top of the cliff, tourists can also see the view of this beach more clearly.

White sand combined with clear seawater and bluish-green tosca looks charming from a height.

Prepare a camera with a lot of memory because every beach scene is great to take pictures of.

Plus, the view of surfers who look like they are dancing with the waves on the beach.


surfing on dreamland beach-bali

Just like Kuta Beach, this beach is perfect for those who want to surf.

The big waves on this beach are often the choice of local and foreign surfers to hone their riding skills on the waves.

The big waves of this beach can stimulate the adrenaline of the visitors who try to conquer it.

If you can’t surf, surf equipment rentals near the beach can provide short courses.

The waves are still very safe for beginners to learn or play.

However, it is not recommended for visitors to swim too far, especially at high tide, because it is hazardous.

If you are bored with Kuta Beach, Dreamland Beach can be an alternative for those of you who want to surf comfortably.

The beauty of the beach is also very fitting for relaxing and enjoying the surfers playing in the waves.

Relax While Sunbathing

sunbathing on dreamland beach

The cliffs surrounding Dreamland Beach protect the beauty of the beach and give a unique hidden impression.

Visitors can relax by enjoying the tranquility of the beach under the tropical sun.

The beach’s soft sand can be a comfortable mattress for you to sunbathe on.

Those who don’t want to bother bringing their carpet can rest easy because there are many rental mats and umbrellas around the beach.

The reflexology services that are available for guests can make your relaxing event even better.

While sleeping in the sun, you can feel a reflexology massage that releases aches and fatigue from the body.

At Dreamland Beach, you can lay out in the sun and take it easy while eating and drinking freshly made food.

The perfect beach vacation experience that you imagine you can realize on this beach

Enjoying the Sunset

sunset dreamland beach bali

Besides being able to surf, Dreamland Beach is also a place to watch beautiful sunsets, like Kuta Beach.

Exotic views of cliffs, white sand, and the reflection of twilight in the sky and sea have earned this beach the nickname of the best sunset spot.

Visitors usually relax on the beach after playing with the waves during the day to enjoy this moment.

The mega-twilight that adorns the sky slowly turns into night, leaving a beautiful orange color.

At the end of a great day at Dreamland Beach, you can enjoy this moment while relaxing and sipping a cool drink.

Don’t forget to capture the moment in a picture to upload to your social media accounts.

Dreamland Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

To enjoy the beauty of Dreamland Beach, you need to prepare at a reasonably affordable cost.

The following is a breakdown of the costs you will likely incur when visiting this beach.

Tourist Admission TicketFree
Surf Equipment RentalRp200.000,00
Surfing CourseRp500.000,00
Umbrella and Beach Chair RentalRp150.000,00
Toilet UrinationRp5.000,00
Toilet Defecation / ShowerRp10.000,00
AccommodationStarting from IDR 600,000.00
Motorcycle Parking OnlyRp5.000,00
Car parkRp20.000,00
Bus ParkingRp50.000,00

The prices listed in the table are subject to change at any time depending on the policies of each manager.

But you can make this list an estimate of costs and preparations before visiting this beach.

Many tourists take advantage of Bali tour packages to visit Dreamland Beach and other destinations at a lower cost.

Your vacation matters, especially the accommodation section, which is well-prepared so you can have a peaceful vacation in Bali.

Location and Route to Dreamland Beach

location dreamland beach

The exact address of Dreamland Beach is Jl. Balangan Beach No. 54, Jimbaran, South Kuta District, Badung Regency.

The location is strategic because it is close to various other tourist attractions in South Kuta, such as Balangan Beach and Uluwatu Temple.

To make your trip easier and more comfortable to this beach, we recommend you rent a Bali car.

This beach is also effortless to access using a private vehicle from any direction.

From Ngurah Rai Airport, you only need about 40 minutes to arrive via Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai.

During the trip, you will also pass several tourist attractions in South Kuta, such as Garuda Wisnu Kencana and Nirmala Waterpark.

Many tourists deliberately stop first at another place before enjoying the beauty of the sunset at Dreamland Beach.

Dreamland Beach Operating Hours

This beach does not have special operating hours, so you can enjoy the beauty of this beach anytime for a total of 24 hours.

However, to fully enjoy this beach, you should consider a visiting time, such as your vacation destination.

If you want to enjoy the waves of Dreamland Beach, come in the rainy season or during high tide.

The sea waves will be very high and challenging for surfers to try to conquer.

But for those who want to see the beautiful sunset of Dreamland Beach, you should come in the afternoon during the dry season.

The clear sky of the beach will show the perfect beauty of this beach sunset.

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