Gatotkaca Knight Statue Bali

Who says visiting sculpture tours is boring? You can explore exciting things from the statue tour, which is not much different from the Dewi Kwan I’m Statue in Medan.

The Satria Gatotkaca statue in Bali also offers many exciting things to make your vacation memorable.

Of course, with various sides of beauty in terms of culture that this statue has to offer.

Not just an ordinary figure, there is a philosophical meaning and attraction that captivates anyone who sees it.

You may be curious about what exciting things we can see from this sculpture.

Let’s find out about this tourist destination without further ado by listening to the following information.

Gatotkaca Satria Statue at a Glance

The famous Gatotkaca statue in Bali is in a park called Taman Satria Gatotkaca. Initially, this tourist attraction was built to add a beautiful impression to the area around the airport.

But as it turned out, the site of this statue became a prominent attraction for travelers who had just arrived at the airport.

Bali is indeed rich in great artists. One of them is Putu Sutawijaya, a founder of Sangkring Art Space.

But the artist who created this Gatotkaca sculpture is not him. But a famous sculpture artist from Ubud, namely Wayan Winten.

In October 1993, the Governor of Bali named, Prof. Ida Bagus Oka, inaugurated this statue tour.

After its inauguration, this tourist attraction became famous and crowded with tourists who visited to witness the beauty of this statue.

Satria Gatotkaca Park also got another nickname as the Horse Statue Park.

Because there is a statue of six horses surrounding the statue of Ghatotkacha.

The figure of Gatotkaca himself is a puppet character from Mahabharata who has the status of a knight.

Of the many stories of Gatotkaca, the statue of Gatotkaca in this park only tells of the incident of the attack on the Duke with his trademark weapon, namely the Dual Space weapon.

Then about the function of the Satria Gatotkaca Statue, there is a close relationship with the beliefs of the local community.

They think this statue can provide security and spiritual protection for travelers visiting Taman Satria Gatotkaca.

The Attraction of the Satria Gatotkaca Statue

Even though it’s just a statue, this statue site has an attraction that is no less unique than other Bali tourism objects.

What are the interesting things about this sculpture? Check out the full review below.

Sculpture and Magnificence

This statue is different from the statue in general. This sculpture is majestic, with its shape highlighting the figures of Gatotkaca and Adipati fighting.

With a white paint color, this statue with very intricate shape details stands out from a distance. This shows that the technique of making the Satria Gatotkaca Statue is not easy.

This statue is also very sturdy because the Satria Gatotkaca Statue is made of reinforced concrete. Reportedly, this kind of material can last for decades to come.

The existence of this statue certainly adds its accent to this famous tourist spot in Bali.

The style of this statue illustrates the history of Gatotkaca with his weapon, Ganda Angkasa, against Adipati with his arrow weapon. In front of the carriage is a statue of King Sal as the chariot driver.

The whole statue is pure white and looks shiny in the hot sun. The carvings are beautiful, and the statue’s placement fits perfectly in the middle of the green grass.

History Tour

Visiting this tourist park can provide education and new insights regarding the history of the Satria Gatotkaca statue with the Mahabharata story. Especially in the tragedy of the death of Gatotkaca in the fight.

You will also learn a valuable lesson that is implied from this statue.

The moral value is that even though Kshatriya Gatotkaca died, his services and sacrifices to protect the Badung area are always remembered.

Beautiful and Green Park

This recreation area is a park. The green grass surrounds this statue beautifully.

This expanse of green grass is more beautiful with a magnificent white statue decoration.

During the heat of the island of Bali, visitors will feel the coolness in this park because it is full of shady trees.

Various colorful flowers grow to decorate the grass in the park to beautify the garden.

It is more perfect with a gazebo or garden chair covering every corner.

Tourists can relax with their families while enjoying the statue’s beauty and feeling Bali’s atmosphere.

Fountain Pool

Like the garden in general, there is also a fountain that provides a fresh atmosphere around the park. You and your family can play and watch the charm of this fountain.

Although no fish live in it, tourists can take pictures in this area. In addition to the Gatotkaca statue, this fountain pool is also an   Instagramable photo spot for selfie lovers.

Facilities in the Satria Gatotkaca Park Area

Talking about facilities, the facilities and infrastructure in this tourist area are incomplete because this statue is located in a park by the side of the road.

However, you are easy to find a hotel here. Due to its location being very close to the airport, there are many hotel options here.

It’s different later if you want a cheap hotel in Bali near the beach. You have to use transportation to get there.

You will not find toilets in this park. But there is a parking space with sufficient area to accommodate a car or motorcycle.

Plenty of lounge chairs or gazebos are available in every tour corner. You can use it to rest or relax to enjoy the garden’s and sculptures’ beauty.

If you are hungry or want to taste culinary delights, several street vendors usually sell around this area. You can buy light Balinese specialties such as snacks to stave off hunger.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Taman Satria Gatotkaca

It turns out that a vacation to Bali doesn’t have to be expensive. You can still have a frugal vacation by visiting a park attraction with this Gatotkaca statue.

The price of admission to Taman Satria Gatotkaca Bali is free. For a free fee, you can freely explore the parking area or take pictures.

Take advantage of this free vacation opportunity while visiting Bali or stopping at Ngurah Rai Airport.

If you saved money for your trip ahead of time, use this money to buy different Balinese souvenirs or cheap Balinese food souvenirs.

This Island of the Gods offers a variety of beautiful souvenirs that you must have as a keepsake.

The route to the location of the Satria Gatotkaca statue

The statue of Satria Gatotkaca is located in the Ngurah Rai Airport area. The location is on Jalan Raya Tuban No. 1, Tuban Village, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

The distance is only 400 meters from Ngurah Rai Airport. You can also take the Bali Mandara Toll Road for a short trip.

Tourists from outside Bali can still visit with four-wheeled vehicles.

Satria Gatotkaca Park Operating Hours

You can see the splendor of this statue at any time because this tourist park is open to the public. Because it is part of the park, open every day, you can automatically visit this statue site at any time.

This airport park is a public facility. Thus, the operational hours of Taman Satria Gatotkaca Bali are 24 hours.

The park with the statue of Satria Gatotkaca is also not a bad choice for you to choose as a tourist destination.

Visiting this statue will produce its own impression. Especially those that have to do with the beauty of the local arts and culture of the Island of the Gods.

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