Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is undoubtedly no stranger to most tourists who vacation in Bali. The uniqueness of this beach makes Lovina beach the most popular tourist spot in North Bali.

You can see dolphins swimming and jumping in the water off the coast of Lovina, which is a very cool thing to do. 

This attraction is what makes many holiday packages to Bali include Lovina Beach in their vacation itineraries.

Lovina Beach is perfect for those who want a quiet and romantic vacation in Bali. Then what other exciting things can you find on this beach? See the full review below

Lovina Beach at a Glance

lovina beach sunset view

The development of Lovina Beach as tourism cannot be separated from the role of Anak Agung Pandji Tisna. I, Gusti Nyoman Pandji Tisna or Anak Agung Pandji Tisna, am a descendant of the King of Buleleng and a writer in Bali.

After surrendering his position as King of Buleleng, Anak Agung Panji Tisna chose Tukad Kaliasem Village as a resting place. He moved in 1953 and founded a retreat called Lovina.

In this place, he received foreign guests and wrote his literary works. The name Lovina comes from the two words Love and Ina, which most people interpret as Indonesian love.

However, Lovina means Mother’s Love because Ina refers to the Balinese vocabulary, which means mother or mother. So Lovina can also mean the love of Mother Earth.

Since the establishment of the resting place, the beaches around it have come to be known as Lovina Beach. 

A beach with enchanting beauty in the waters north of the island of Bali, which is perfect for sightseeing.

Things to Do on Lovina Beach

Even though it is far from the tourist center in South Kuta, it does not mean that Lovina Beach cannot compete with Kuta Beach and others. 

This beach has a different attraction from most existing beaches, here are other thing to do on Lovina Beach.

Watching Dolphins

dolphins lovina beach

Lovina Beach is also known as Lovina Beach Dolphin, thanks to the presence of dolphins that are often seen in its waters. 

The surrounding community uses this moment to become one of the main attractions on this beach.

The dolphins here are wild dolphins that always pass offshore in the morning around 06.00 WITA. 

You can rent a special fishing boat to the middle of the sea, approximately 1 km from the beach.

Hundreds of dolphins jumping from the water have become a beautiful sight that tourists always look forward to. 

During this two-hour tour, you will also be invited to see the beautiful panorama of the beach in the morning.

The calm sea waves make your trip on the boat feel comfortable—the fishermen who take you to find out the best spots to find these dolphins.

Snorkeling and Diving

snorkling on lovina beach

Besides being beautiful on the surface, Lovina Beach also keeps an amazing panorama under the sea. You can easily find fish and coral reefs of various colors in the available spots.

Sea currents that are not too strong make the diving spots here safe and suitable for every level. You will use a traditional fishing boat to get to each snorkeling spot.

Not bringing snorkeling equipment is also okay because there are rental places here. The rental fee is very affordable. It can even be cheaper if you choose the Lovina Tour Package.

This activity is very popular with tourists, especially after being satisfied watching the beauty of dolphins off the coast. The sun’s rays during the day penetrate the sea water and provide clear views for you to enjoy.

Enjoying Sunrise and Sunset

sunset lovina beach

While waiting for the hordes of cute dolphins to appear, you can enjoy the beautiful moment of sunrise from the ship. 

Many tourists also come early in the morning to relax for a moment on the beach to see the sunrise before leaving to watch the dolphins.

Lovina Beach is famous as the best sunrise spot in the northern waters of Bali. 

The moment of the dark atmosphere slowly turning to light looks amazing, especially with the dolphins seen swimming freely.

In the afternoon, this popular tourist destination in Bali is the right place to enjoy the sunset. 

You can rent a boat to advance a little so that the sunset view can be seen clearly without any obstacles.

This sunrise moment is the opening of your pleasant holiday at Lovina Beach. All the excitement is even more perfect through the sunset view you get in the afternoon.


Those who like fishing should not miss this one activity when in Lovina. The marine biodiversity of the Lovina coast is the right place for fishing activities.

The big fish in the Lovina sea are ready to give an exciting and challenging strike sensation. The fishermen here are ready to take you to the best fishing spots in Lovina.

Renting this boat is quite affordable, especially if you come with a group. The fishing equipment is already available, so those who want to try fishing don’t have to bring their equipment.

The capacity of this fishing boat can accommodate 4 to 5 people at once. Fishing while riding a small boat in the middle of the sea will be an exciting fishing experience you should not miss.

Relax on the Beach

explore lovina beach

The charm of this beach is different from most beaches on the southern coast of Bali, such as Pandawa Beach, which has white sand. The sand on Lovina Beach is black but still exotic and beautiful to visit.

You can roll out a mat or rent an umbrella and beach chairs to enjoy the panoramic view of Lovina Beach while eating a variety of delicious Balinese food you can order at the nearest stalls. Enjoying a meal on the beach will feel more delicious.

Usually, tourists throng this beach area in the morning while waiting for the sun to rise and go to see dolphins. Even so, it is not uncommon for foreign tourists to sunbathe on this beach to get exotic tropical skin.

Lovina Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

To be able to enter the Lovina Beach area, you do not need to pay a fee. It’s just that some activities have to pay rent. Here are the details.

Tourist Admission TicketFree
Race Boat RentalsRp60.000,00 – Rp100.000,00
Snorkeling Boat RentalRp100.000,00
Snorkeling Equipment RentalRp60.000,00
Individual Fishing Boat RentalIDR 100,000.00 per person
Group Fishing Boat RentalIDR 250,000.00 per boat
Motorcycle Parking OnlyRp2,000,00
Car ParkRp5.000,00

The prices listed in the table are subject to change at any time, depending on the manager’s policy. However, you can use this list as a reference and cost estimate before you leave for Lovina Beach.

A travel agency can get a cheaper fee if you use the Lovina Bali Tour Package. Through this package, you can visit tourist attractions in Lovina and its surroundings at a lower cost.

Location and Route to Lovina Beach

lovina beach

The location of Lovina Beach is on the north side of the island of Bali, precisely on Jl. Raya Singaraja, Temukus, Kaliasem, Buleleng Regency. This beach is closer when you reach from Gianyar than Kuta or Denpasar.

If you depart from Denpasar, the time to arrive at Lovina Beach is about 2.5 hours. But along the way, you can visit various other famous tourist attractions in Bali, such as Lake Beratan.

The best way to get to this location is by using a private or rented vehicle so that you are free to stop at any time. You can also use the help of a travel agent who will take you directly to Lovina Beach.

When using a car or motorbike, open Google Maps to get the best route to Lovina Beach from wherever you are. The beauty you get will follow the long journey you have been through.

Lovina Beach Operating Hours

Lovina Beach is open to tourists 24 hours a day. However, the best time to visit this beach is during the dry season, from April to October.

This month, dolphins are easy to meet, and you will not be disturbed by high waves and rain. 

At the same time, the best time to visit is usually from 06.00 WITA – 09.00 WITA.

If you like fishing or snorkeling, coming to this beach during the day could be the right time. 

Enjoy the beauty of Lovina Beach any time you want because it will be an unforgettable experience.

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