Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach is one of the famous Seminyak tourist attractions in Bali which is always crowded with tourists who are on vacation.

Seminyak Beach, along with other beaches such as Kuta Beach and Double Six Beach, has become a tourist destination in Bali. The beautiful panorama of the beach is well-known throughout the world.

You can do various exciting things on this beach, from relaxing to adrenaline pumping to conquering the waves.

The calm beach atmosphere also adds to your relaxing holiday at this beach.

You can visit Seminyak Beach using a tour package offered by a travel agency. But before that, let’s first look at a brief review of the following: Seminyak Beach.

Seminyak Beach at a Glance

At first, the Seminyak area was agricultural, even though it was on the coast. Most of the residents work as farmers, and only a few are fishermen.

Before it was known as Seminyak Beach, local people called this beach Dhyanapura Beach.

But when the tourism industry grew quickly in the Kuta Beach area, nearby places like Legian and Seminyak also felt the effects.

Many tourists come to visit this beach area for a vacation. The character of the beach, which is similar to Kuta Beach but quieter, is why many tourists come.

The residents then became involved in the tourism sector with various other services. Around Seminyak Beach, infrastructure like hotels, restaurants, and other buildings are being built.

Since then, this beach has become known as a mainstay tourist destination alongside Kuta Beach, Double Six Beach, and Legian Beach. You will feel a different nuance when visiting this beach.

Seminyak Beach Attractions

Many things distinguish Seminyak Beach from other beaches in Bali, especially the atmosphere.

You can do various activities calmly on this beach, and here are the attractions of Seminyak Beach.

Enjoy the Beach Panorama


Seminyak Beach has a long coastline with a wide expanse of sloping sand.

As far as the eye can see, the white waves slowly roll onto the beach.

Walking along the beach and enjoying the natural panorama of Seminyak Beach will feel very pleasant.

Moreover, renting a bicycle or motorcycle is available on the beach.

The soft sand even invites visitors to sit back on a mat to see the beautiful scenery.

Along this beach’s shores grow many shady trees, which cool the atmosphere.

Enjoy the sound of the waves, accompanied by the beach breeze and soft sand.

This beach can provide comfortable relaxation. A quiet vacation is what you can get by visiting this beach.

Watching the Most Beautiful Sunset


The coastline of this beach is straight and sloping, and it looks beautiful from the shore.

Blue skies, white sand, and green beach waves become amazing views from Seminyak Beach.

Its beauty is even more perfect when the sun begins to set on the western horizon.

You can see for yourself how beautifully the colors of the mega twilight reflect in the water off the beach.

The sea water on the shores of Seminyak Beach is calm, like a mirror that shows the beauty of the sunset.

Accompanied by the sound of the waves, this brief moment can be the most beautiful sunset view you will ever see.

This exotic view at dusk is never missed by the tourists who come.

Since that afternoon, this beach has been crowded with visitors who immediately look for the best place to watch the sunset.

Surfing with the Waves


The southwest coast of Bali, such as Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, and other beaches, is famous for having good waves for surfing.

The waves are big and long. This beach is perfect for various surfers, from beginners to professionals.

Its sloping beach and very few rocks are safe for beginners who want to learn.

Many tourists, especially foreign tourists, use this beach to play with the waves on their surfboards.

Those who want to try surfing don’t have to bother bringing their equipment or being confused about how to do it.

Many surf equipment rental places, as well as surf schools, are ready to teach you basic surfing techniques.

The exciting sensation of adrenaline-pumping chases with rolling waves is what many surfers are looking for here.

This activity will be an unforgettable new experience while traveling to Seminyak Beach.

Sunbathing and Relaxing by the Beach


Enjoying the beauty of Seminyak Beach is the most fun of sunbathing on the beach.

The soft sand of this beach is a comfortable cushion for you to lie down to watch the surrounding scenery.

Residents rent out many beach chairs and umbrellas for the convenience of visiting tourists. Those who don’t want to be hot in the sun can still relax on the beach.

While relaxing on the sand, you can also enjoy the relaxing massage residents offer.

Feeling tired, tired, and sore around various tourist attractions in Bali can be lost through this massage.

You can also enjoy manicure and pedicure services from service providers around you.

Vacationing at Seminyak Beach feels like being on a private beach with all the public atmosphere and facilities.

Apart from these activities, you can do many other things on this beach.

Among them are enjoying Balinese food on the street, playing ball, playing sand, and others. Whatever it is, visiting this beach could be the best thing you do.

Seminyak Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

To enter the Seminyak Beach area, you don’t need to spend much money.

With only a few rupiahs, you can get the existing facilities. For more details, see the following table:

Tourist Admission TicketRp50.000,00
Surfboard RentalStarting from IDR 300,000.00
Surfing CourseRp25,000,00
Umbrella and Beach Chair RentalStarting from IDR 75,000.00
Relaxation MassageStarting from IDR 75,000.00
Manicure and PedicureStarting from IDR 75,000.00
Motorcycle Parking OnlyRp2,000,00
Car parkRp5.000,00

The prices listed in the table are subject to change at any time depending on the decision of each management party.

However, before visiting this beach, you can use this list as preparation material.

You can also visit many other Bali tourist spots at low prices if you buy a Bali tour package from the Travel Bureau.

You can enjoy a hassle-free and cost-effective relaxing holiday through these different package options.

Location and Route to Seminyak Beach

The strategic location of the beach makes Seminyak Beach very easy to reach.

Even if you walk along the beach from Kuta to the north, you can arrive at this beach.

The address is Seminyak Village, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

The distance is about 10 km from Ngurah Rai Airport, with a travel time by car of approximately 21 minutes.

While the distance from Seminyak Beach to Kuta Beach is only 3 km, you can walk it in 36 minutes.

Whatever your choice, to make it easier to get to this beach, you can use the help of Google Maps to get the best route.

You can also use the services of a Travel Bureau or a Bali car rental that is ready to take you directly to the location.

Your vacation can also be more comfortable and easier because everything has been prepared well.

Seminyak Beach Operating Hours

Just like most beaches in the Kuta area, there are no specific opening hours that limit you.

For 24 hours, this beach is open to the public, and you can enjoy it at any time of the day.

However, on average, many tourists will come in the afternoon when the sunset takes place.

The best time to watch this sunset is usually during the dry season when the clear sky will show the perfect beauty of the sunset.

If you want to feel the big waves of Seminyak Beach, come during the rainy season from April to October.

The high waves of this beach at that time became a challenge for surfers.

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