Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul is the name of one of the temples and holy waters in Bali, precisely in the Tampak Siring sub-district.

It is believed that the holy water of Tirta Empul Temple will not dry out even in the dry months, so it is often used for purification ceremonies.

The existence of a pool in the temple and the beautiful atmosphere around the temple make many tourists interested in visiting.

There are many other interesting things that you can find at Tirta Empul Temple in Bali, and here is the full review.

History of Tirta Empul Temple

tirta empul temple

According to the history of Lontar Usana Bali, the presence of Tirta Empul is related to the war between Batara Indra and King Mayadenawa.

At that time, King Mayadenawa was very powerful. Still, he became arrogant and claimed to be a god.

To awaken and realign King Mayadenawa, Batara Indra finally fought King Mayadenawa.

When the war occurred, King Mayadenawa and his troops fled to the forest area while walking sideways.

His goal is to leave footprints that outwit Batara Indra’s troops. These slanted footprints are the origin of the name of the Tampak Siring area, which means ‘sloping tread.’

In addition to making false tracks, King Mayadenawa made a poisoned pond to trap Batara Indra.

This trap was successful. Most exhausted Batara Indra troops drank the poisoned water and got sick.

Batara Indra stabbed his weapon into the ground, and soon, a water source gushed out and healed his soldiers. This spring is named Tirta Empul because the water is gushing.

After centuries passed, in 882 Caka, this water source was turned into a water park by King Indrajaya Sigha Warmadewa.

Only later, Padhermanan, a sacred place of worship for Lord Indra, was built around this lightning complex.

Until now, Tirta Empul is still used as a place of worship for Hindus in Tampak Siring. Even today, Tirta Empul Temple is one of Bali’s most beautiful tourist attractions.

Interesting Things From Tirta Empul

Visiting Tirta Empul is not just walking around and seeing beautiful panoramas. There are many interesting things you can do when visiting Tirta Empul Temple. Here are some of the attractions of Tirta Empul.

The beauty of Tirta Empul

tirta empul temple

The Tirta Empul Temple area is divided into three parts: Jaba Pura, Central Jaba, and Offal.

The Jaba Pura area is the outermost courtyard of the temple, with a pond and Bale Wantilan that fill the courtyard.

Then in Jaba Tengah, you will see two pools with a total of 22 showers which are frequent for the purification ceremony. Beautiful photos of Tirta Empul Temple are taken in one of these pools.

Each shower has its name, Penglukatan, Cleaning, and Sudamala. Then in a separate pool, there is Yeh Cetik or Shower Cetik, which is believed to be a poisoned pond left by King Mayadenawa.

Then, the innards, or the inside, become a place of worship and prayer to the gods.

The unique architecture of the building and the beautiful atmosphere of the temple area make this place very comfortable to visit.

Enjoying the Fresh Tirta Empul Water

tirta empul temple

You can enjoy the water pool and shower in the Jaba Tengah area when you come to Tirta Empul Temple. This large pool is divided into three parts based on their respective functions.

There are 13 showers in the Penglukatan pool, two in the Cleaning pool, and six in the Sudamala pool. Tourists who want to enter the pool must follow the applicable rules.

First, you must use a yellow cloth and scarf to respect places of worship and the surrounding community.

Then when you enter the water, you immediately soak right under the shower, so you don’t just enter like swimming.

This fresh holy water is believed to be able to cure all diseases, both physical and mental illnesses.

Coupled with the beautiful atmosphere around the temple, feeling tired and negative seems to be drifting along with the flowing water.

Seeing Fish in the Pond

Near the Tirta Empul Temple innards area, there is a pond containing large, colorful fish. At first, this pond was a weed which later, in 1957, turned into a pond.

This pool then served as a swimming training ground for soldiers. However, in the 2000s, this pool was converted into a fish pond to match the natural concept at Tirta Empul Temple.

The fish that fill this pond are Koi fish with the size of an adult’s thigh.

The existence of this fish is a special attraction, especially for tourists after a traditional ceremony.

They usually take pictures or feed the fish from the pond’s edge before continuing out.

Near this pool, there are also many merchant stalls selling various Balinese souvenirs and food.

Following the Traditional Ceremony

melukat on tirta empul temple

As a holy place and place of worship, Hindus often perform traditional ceremonies and religious rituals at Tirta Empul.

One of the most frequent is the melukat ceremony or self-cleaning.

This melukat ceremony usually occurs during the full moon in the surrounding community.

In the ceremony, visitors who come will soak under the shower while praying to God to purify themselves.

Besides melukat, on major Hindu holidays, Tirta Empul Temple is always crowded with people who want to worship.

Many believe this holy water from Tirta brings blessings, which is often part of other traditional ceremonies.

Visiting Tirta Empul on the big day can be a memorable new experience. You can learn about Balinese culture while enjoying the natural beauty of Tirta Empul Temple.

This charm makes many travel agents include Tirta Empul Temple in their Bali tour packages.

Moreover, around Tirta Empul, there are still many interesting places that you can visit, such as the Presidential Palace.

Tirta Empul Temple Entrance Ticket Prices

Tourists who want to visit the Tirta Empul Temple area do not need to spend deeply. With only a few tens of thousands you can get around Tirta Empul, here are the details.

Adult Local TravelerRp30.000,00
Child Local TouristRp15.000,00
Adult International TravelerRp50.000,00
Child Foreign TouristRp25,000,00
Rent Cloths and ScarvesSincerely
Motorcycle Parking OnlyRp30.000,00
Car parkRp30.000,00

Prices listed in the table are subject to change at any time, depending on the manager’s policy.

However, you can use this list as preparation material before leaving to visit Tirta Empul.

You can get a cheaper vacation cost by using a tour package from a travel agency.

Many packages at affordable prices that you can choose to be able to visit more tourist attractions in Bali.

Location and Route To Tirta Empul

The location of Tirta Empul Temple is located on Jl. Tirta, Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Gianyar Regency.

The distance is about 42 km from Denpasar City, with a travel time of approximately 1 hour.

You access this tourist spot using a private vehicle or the available Bali car rental. Just use the directions from Google Maps, and you can arrive at the location with the best route.

However, most tourists prefer to use the services of a travel agency to visit Tirta Empul.

With the help of a travel agency, you can visit many tourist attractions in Bali without being complicated and easier.

Operational hour

When visiting the Tirta Empul Temple area is open from 08.00 WITA to 18.00 WITA every day.

This place will start to get crowded during the day when the freshwater of Tirta Empul can provide coolness in the hot sun.

Summer is the best time to enjoy the beauty of Tirta Empul. The scenery will be visible then, and you will not be disturbed by the rain.

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