Wake Park Bali

Wake Park Bali is one of the famous wakeboarding playgrounds in Bali, especially in the Tanjung Benoa area.

This Denpasar tourist spot is a favorite because it is the only wakeboarding vehicle with a cable engine to attract tourists to slide.

This cable-pulling system allows anyone to try to play without having to worry about being carried away by the waves of the speedboat.

In addition, Wake Park Bali also provides a floating playground called Aqualand, which is the largest ride in Asia.

Wake Park Bali is easy to get to thanks to the Bali vacation packages offered by the Travel Bureau. 

But before visiting, let’s first look at some exciting things about the following Bali Wake Park:

Wake Park Bali at a Glance


In 2015—to be precise, in April—Bali Wake Park was inaugurated and became a new choice of Bali watersports that you can try.

Built on ​​5 hectares, this place has an artificial lake that almost fills the entire area of ​​Wake Park Bali.

On this artificial lake, you can try to ride a wakeboard pulled using a special cable machine through various obstacles.

The fame of Bali Wake Park became more and more famous when, in 2018, the manager added a new game ride, Aqualand.

 This Aqualand ride is the largest floating vehicle in Asia, with an area of ​​about 3,900 square meters.

You can go on an adventure like a ninja warrior in this vehicle through various obstacles made of buoys and above the water.

In addition to game rides, Wake Park Bali has several complete facilities that will make your vacation more comfortable.

There are restaurants, gift shops, places to relax, and other public facilities you can use freely.

This location is ideal for a tourist destination for your coworkers or family members who want to do activities together.

Various exciting things will make your holiday in Bali an unforgettable experience.

Fun Activities at Wake Park Bali

Wake Park Bali offers a variety of exciting activities that you can try through the rides and facilities provided.

Here are some interesting things that you must do and don’t miss when visiting Wake Park Bali

Try the Cable Park Rides


The main ride of this place is the cable park ride, which allows you to surf regardless of the weather or waves.

There are two types of cable machines that you can try on this vehicle, namely, the full-size system and the Two Tower system.

Professionals or experienced people usually use Full-Size Systems to practice or play through obstacles.

It is called the Full-Size System because you can ask the operator to adjust the speed and strength of the cable pull when playing.

This cable system can also attract eight people around the artificial lake area with different settings.

But this cable system is better for beginners, especially kids who want to try playing, than the Two Tower System.

With the Two Tower System, you can get used to it while learning before later trying the Full-Size System to play.

Once you are fluent and familiar with how to balance yourself, you can try various games at the Cable Park rides, such as the following:



The first game is wakeboarding, which combines snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing to maneuver to perform tricks.

You’ll need to be able to balance yourself on a board similar to a snowboard while being pulled at high speed.

In this activity, participants are typically towed behind a fast boat, where they ride the waves created by the boat’s speed.

However, at Wake Park Bali, you’ll need to keep your grip on the cable and be prepared to slide down the numerous hazards.


Kneeboarding is a start for those who want to learn to play wakeboarding.

If your wakeboarding position must be standing, this kneeboarding is done in a kneeling position to make it easier to balance yourself.

This game is perfect for beginners, especially children who need adult supervision.

Wakeboarding isn’t less exciting than other things that give you a rush of adrenaline and excitement.

Ski Air

Suppose you want to experience a slightly different gliding sensation. In that case, water skiing can be an option that doesn’t hurt to try.

As the name suggests, this game is like snow skiing, but you play it with two small longboards on each foot.

The way to play is also not much different. When a cable pulls you, you must balance yourself so you can stand and slide while maintaining balance.

Because your feet can move freely in this game, you can freely. Still, the difficulty level is higher than wakeboarding.

Water Surfing

You can also get a different sensation when you try to play Water Surfing, where the board used is a Surfing board. 

With a wider and larger board size, you can more easily balance yourself and glide over the water.

Unfortunately, the speed is not as fast as when playing other water games.

Even so, this Water Surfing game is worth trying, especially for children and the elderly.

Adventure in Aqualand


Although it is a new ride, Aqualand can attract many tourists because it provides a unique experience different from other tourist attractions.

In this vehicle, you can play by going from one end to the other and getting past different obstacles.

You have to run, slide, and jump over these same obstacles as in the TV game Ninja Warrior.

You also don’t have to worry about its safety because every visitor will use a buoy to remain safe even if it falls into the water.

This ride is a favorite of visitors, especially young children, because it is made of rubber and filled with the soft wind.

Not infrequently, Aqualand is also used for company gatherings or team-building activities by tourists who come.

Relaxing Swim Enjoying the View


In addition to challenging games, you can also relax in the swimming pool or pool bar overlooking the lake.

The water is clear blue, and the artistic shape of the pool looks like a swimming pool at a resort or five-star hotel.

You can freely swim while enjoying a refreshing drink and relaxing in the sun. Suppose you don’t want to get wet.

In that case, you can also use the open meadows and beanbags to rest and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere.

Tasting Delicious Culinary

restaurant Bali Wake park

After playing, you can enjoy various delicious foods in restaurants and cafes. The menu varies from Balinese or Indonesian specialties to sandwiches, burgers, and cookies.

Although slightly more expensive when compared to other Bali restaurants or eating establishments, the price is still pretty reasonable.

You won’t have to worry about finding food while on vacation thanks to the existence of these cafés and eateries.

Souvenir Shopping

In addition to restaurants, Bali Wake Park also provides a gift shop that you can visit before returning home.

Although there are no Balinese souvenirs, you can still buy well-known branded items such as Ripcurl.

Wake Park Bali Entrance Ticket Prices 

Tourists who want to visit and enter the Bali Wake Park area are free. However, you must spend money according to your chosen package to enjoy the rides and existing facilities.

The prices listed in the table change depending on the manager’s policy. However, the list above can be used as a cost estimate if you want to visit  Wake Park Bali.

Location and Route to  Wake Park Bali

Wake Park Bali is located on Jl. Raya Harbor Benoa No. 7X, Pedungan, South Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali.

The distance is about 9 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport, with a travel time of approximately 15 minutes via the toll road.

Bali vehicle rental companies and travel agencies typically have drivers standing by to take you where you need to go.

You can also use the navigation instructions from Google Maps, which will show you the best route from your point.

Wake Park Bali Operating Hours 

You can visit Bali Wake Park every day from 10.00 WITA to 18.00 WITA. Usually, this place will be crowded starting at 15.00 WITA, especially during weekends or the holiday season.

If you want to visit, try to come during the dry season or when the weather is sunny to avoid the rain that may pour.

That way, you can freely play and feel the excitement of the rides at Wake Park Bali with more satisfaction.

That was a complete review of Bali’s wake park tour. Hopefully, the information we have provided can be useful. Don’t forget to visit other Bali tourist attractions.

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